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Greetings! I just had an interview rescheduled on Microsoft Teams because I could not get any sound  on my laptop once the meeting started. Is a problem like this solved within the mechanics of Microsoft? If it, instead, is a generic problem with my settings, what does one do to fix the problem?  I clicked on the microphone icon but came up with nothing but a message saying "There is no device attached..." 


Any idea what the solution is? 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.







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This happens to me and others on occasion at our company.  Typically, people will quit the call, and then rejoin.  


I approach it this way:
Go to the "••• More" icon at the top of the meeting window, and select "Settings" and then "Device Settings". 


Then, I change my microphone and headset to another option, and switch them back right after.  It appears to reset the audio source.  And then it works correctly.  I can do it fairly quickly, and can do it without leaving the meeting.  

Teams Audio Source.PNG
If no devices show up in the audio sources dropdown, then it can't find your audio drivers or your audio could be malfunctioning.  In that case, you might need to reboot and try again or call your tech-support team.