No videos in 1 on 1 calls

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Has anyone experienced something like this? For some reason since earlier this week, in a direct video call (not meeting) some users do not see the video of the other party. To be more specific, they do not see the video in the main Teams window. However if you minimize teams or click on chat on the left, they can see the other party in the small video window. Meanwhile the other party can see you.

If we add another user to the call, the video that wasn't showing, can now be seen.
And in meetings, videos are working normally..

Tried clearing cache and reinstalling but no luck.
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Exact same issue today.
No video when app is in window open on screen, but when minimised caller video appears.

Did you ever find a solution?
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A case opened with MS. They said it is a known issue and will provide a workaround/fix shortly.

Downgrading to client version "fixes" the problem..