No Teams Usage visible if data is added via API ?

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i have noticed the following today and i'm not sure if this works as designed:


If you use one of the beta graph apis to send messages/replies to  teams then these type of activity does not appear at all in the out of the box Teams User activity reports (admin portal)

...i have no idea why this is not counted......i use delegated permission here with a certain user account to push content to a team


e.g this is one of the apis i'mn using



any ideas ?

thank you


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due to no feedback, i guess this falls under "works as designed".

at the same time it tells me that usage data is not counted corrected and it is hard to rely on these report numbers then (just my2cents)




@Stefan Fried you are asking a very narrow question that few will have tried and there would be quite a bit of work to replicate. I would suggest opening a support ticket.