No Teams link when creating a meeting via the Outlook calendar

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Hi everyone,


I'm having trouble creating a new Teams meeting via the Outlook calendar. No link appears and the section is completely empty.
I've searched a lot of forums and tried many solutions, but my problem persists.


Here's some more information:

  • I have an M365 Apps for Business license.
  • My Office pack is in 32-bit version (mandatory to work with third-party software)
  • The meeting is created in a shared calendar on an Exchange mailbox hosted by a service provider other than Microsoft.

Everything worked fine a few weeks ago, and still works on other PCs.
As far as I'm concerned, changing PCs hasn't solved the problem, which is why I'm turning to you today.


If anyone has any ideas...


Thank you :smile:

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@WaldoANT hey, if nothing else has changed and it was working before, I’d be checking with your admin that the shared calendar is licensed properly - sounds like it that may have changed 

@WaldoANT Check that the Teams Add in is loading in Outlook, File .. Options ... Addins 


Sometimes Outlook decided to disable it if it feels it took too long to load last time.