No SVG tile preview in Teams folder?

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Hey Teams, it is very annoying that I need to guess by name what SVG I need to download from the folder in Teams.


In Google services it works perfect, but my workplaces forces to work with Teams. Why is there no preview, I tried to change the view to grid, but it just seems Teams is stuck in the 90's :facepalm:
Is there an add-on that can change this? 


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According to this doc it should! Haven’t tested it though

Can someone else test it on their machine? Does it work via web?


@adam deltinger hey, thanks for your reply!:stareyes:


As I understand, the preview should show at least in the web view?
Tried it on SharePoint & Teams in the browser, but no preview for SVG files.

I do not see anything regarding the preview inside the Teams app :sad:

But anyway, now the designer has to upload a PNG version, so that everyone can see what the SVG is (without downloading the SVG - that has no preview).

No preview in sharepoint - browser.png


Also, very annoying, in Teams, after opening an image, you have only an option to close it, and at that moment, the view, jumps back to "list" view - and there are no "small" previews in the list view.
Is there a default setting for this?
Always jumps back to list.png
Thank god, we are able to use SharePoint. Still not good, but DEFINITELY better than Teams.