No sound through Teams Rooms System presentation.

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Hy Everyone!


I wanted to share a video with my teams room system, but unfortunetly i realised thats not working.

Is there any solution for this, or i have to wait for the ms to deploy this in the future for the teams room system?


Thanks for the answere!



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@bolvarHUN Which Teams Room System are you using? How are you trying to share the video? Are you connecting a laptop to it with HDMI, or joining the meeting with another device? What exactly isn't working?


@Ryan Steele 


Dear Ryan!


It is a crestron system, same as every other teams room system.Latest teams version installed.

Yep im connecting via hdmi to the presentation modul. Local i have sound, in the meeting no.

I thinked after the upgrade of the pc client to share my audio, room system has this ability to, but as i searched the info this is not available at the rooms system.

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@bolvarHUN Teams Rooms systems are available from a number of companies including Logitech, Poly, Lenovo and Yealink.


I haven't tried sharing audio from the HDMI ingest on a Teams Rooms system, but it appears you are correct that this is not yet supported. You can vote on this feature here:


Incorporate audio on HDMI input to MTR - Microsoft Teams UserVoice