No Secondary Ringer Settings in Teams (Citrix)

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In MS Teams it should be the setting "Secondary Ringer" but it is not displayed. The Setting should be under Settings>Devices.

Teams runs on a Citrix VDI and was Citrix HDX Optimized.

OS: Windows Server 2019 Standard

Teams Version: 64-Bit

Existing devices: Jabra Headset & Speaker

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@Michele_Pacucci Do you have any news about this topic? We have the same problem in our Citrix environment.

@pbeyeler same issue here. Feels like a limitation in Citrix

We have the same issue, no secondary ringer setup option in Teams through VDI if we use the Citrix HDX optimization. The very annoying part is that we just migrated from Skype for Business to Teams and Skype did allow the setup of secondary ringer with the Citrix HDX. Our IT support confirmed that we very much need Citrix HDX to fix several issues with Teams' sound quality and device management (such as headset). If all right with MS Skype FB, what can be such a blocking point with MS Teams?

@boszmekanasz It is a limitation of Citrix and it is also mentioned in the known issues

Any news ?

We are now going from Skype to Teams and Covid-19 HomeOffice - Laptops do not ring in Citrix VDA Session...


Unfortunately, not. It’s like boszmekanasz said, it’s a limitation of Citrix.


I was partially able to fix it by changing the audio output from “Citrix HDX Engine” in the local “App volume and device preferences” on your endpoint device. But this worked not on every device or with every Workspace App.


How to Set Per-App Sound Outputs in Windows 10 (


It’s interesting that Citrix does not solve this issue. I mean, so many companies use Teams in Citrix and do not have the entitlement that Teams rings in the Citrix VDA Session?! @CitrixCompany, please take position to this issue!

With the new 2203 of Apps and Desktop, Citrix is no longer the one without support, now we are waiting for microsoft to bring an Update to Teams. But on the roadmap it's not even planned :\