No option to share certain files types

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When in an MS Teams (running on a Mac) meeting, I do not have the option to screen share anything other than PowerPoint files; no desktop, no Excel, etc.  How can I enable other file types screen sharing? 

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What if you scroll up in that Window? Usually screen sharing etc. is on the top row and you're scrolled down there?

Assuming this is desktop install and not browser connected?
I am using the desktop version. When I click on the screen share icon, the "screen sharing window" opens us and I can move in it up and down. The only options I have are:
- PowerPoint files
- Whiteboard by MS
- Freehand by InVision
- Browse, that opens a submenu with 3 options: Browse Teams and Channels, One Drive and Upload from Computer. When I click this last option, I see my files, however, ONLY PowerPoint Files are selectable.
Nothing else is in the "screen sharing" window AND no desktop option either


It's either 1 of 2 things from what I remember.

1. Video Driver update.
2. System permissions for Teams. I don't have a mac anymore so I can't go look where it was, but there was some permission it needed granted in order to share the screen.


@Matthew Wade is a Mac user, he might know :)....

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Wait, nevermind, I found it. This is what I was thinking. Go check on this! Hope it works.

Perfect Chris, that is what was missing. Thanks