No Option to Hold/Transfer/Consult then transfer PSTN calls

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We have encountered an issue since the May 11th update where we can't transfer any PSTN calls using the Teams Client. We also have no options to Hold. We use Operator Connect. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas what we can do? I've raised an MS Support ticket but they are on holiday i think...




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We've deleted cache, reinstalled Teams too and it's still occurring. No suggested MS Fix at the moment.
So i've surmised that it's creating Meetings instead of calls when we answer after the calls been trunked? Any ideas anyone?
Experiencing the same. I have a ticket open with MS but they are taking their sweet time with it. Strictly Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). Has to be application/backend issue.
We are experiencing same issue past few days. We use Operator Connect for PSTN. We have multiple OC providers and have had issue with various users on each.

I also have a user impacted by this issue. :(

Just called into support and after waiting on hold for over 90 minutes, I asked for escalation and to speak with someone in teams support. Customer service rep stated I had to wait until someone collected the ticket and then hung up on me. Starting to research 3rd party Microsoft support because this is almost comical of how they handle things.

This issue is now being tracked by Microsoft. The issue number is TM557153. As of now, Microsoft is backing out the recent updates to the software while they work on a fix. The process is mostly finished. 


You can track progress on this issue in your O365 Admin Center: -> Health -> Service Health

Look for ID# TM557153. There is an "Are you experiencing this issue?" link in the message where you can log your issue. There is also a "Manage notifications for this issue" link where you can get timely updates delivered to your Inbox.

Hope that helps.