No option to disable meeting chat

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My issue is as described: I am unable to locate a toggle for the meeting chat.


I have attempted to find the said toggle in the browser and native meeting options. Both attempts were obvious failures. At this time, I'm uncertain what the cause could be. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

P.S before you suggest it, I already updated Teams!

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Strange...have you reviewed the Meeting Policies in place that could be causing this

@Juan Carlos González MartínCan't confirm that yet. I have a feeling it may be the cause, though my manager seems to think it's less than probable. I'm a writer you see- we don't often get the required roles to go check ourselves.

If possible, could you provide instructions on where to find the related policies? Or perhaps which policy seems likely to cause the problem. Thanks for the help so far.

@b3stg1rlm1sh4 It's in the meeting policy.