No notification noise for messages to yourself/immediately marks as "Read"

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Today I started playing with the new feature of being able to send yourself a message in Teams. So far, however, I am not finding a way to update the notification settings for those messages to yourself. i.e., if I send myself a message from my phone, I want it to show unread so it's "actionable" to me when I get back to my desk, for example.


I can hover over a message to myself > Click the ellipses and choose to Mark as Unread, but as soon as I navigate away from my chat of course, it marks it as read and is no longer "bold/black" on the left to get  my attention later. 


Is this by design or am I missing something?


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I seem to be able to mark it as Unread, but in any case I wouldn't consider this method reliable for note keeping. That said, this is the initial iteration of the feature, so the experience might improve over time. And you can certainly leave some feedback on it over at the Feedback portal: