No new messages in desktop client after switching organisation

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we have the following problem: Using Windows Desktop Client and we have user which are switchting with this client between own and partner organisation. 

When they swtich back to own organisation in client they get no new messages. 

They have to close the Teams client and restart the client. 

Web browser and mobile client have no problem. 


We got information from other company, that they have same problem. 



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I have raised a ticket with MS, they came back with this:

"Yes, many tenants are experiencing the same issue. it is a known bug and the Teams backend engineering team is currently developing a fix to resolve the issue. they advised that the issue will be rectified in two weeks time. in the meantime users can use the web client while waiting for the issue to be resolved.
Thank you for your time and cooperation. We will be waiting for your feedback."

They have accepted fault - fix due in a few weeks.


UPDATE 12/10:


They tried to close off the case saying they have given a 'resolution' and cant leave the case idle. I objected, forcing them to keep the case open and now our tenant is on a priority list for the patch release.


I would advise everyone else to do the same. Try and make sure they dont close off any cases in regards to this because 'Use this workaround and wait for the update' isn't a good enough answer.




Came to this forum solely to inquire about this issue that we've been having for weeks now. Thanks for the info and the leg work, Sean.

I'm pretty outraged, because this is a dead in the water bug for several of our clients.. Microsoft seems to have such a cavalier attitude towards these disruptions - "Just do x instead of y while we spend a few weeks taking our heads out of our collective a*ses", all the while taking forever to even acknowledge the issue, and not communicating anything to anyone. Do they understand how businesses operate? If they do, then they should know that you can't just expect an entire organization to change the way they do things on a dime. It would take that long just to arrange to re-train users. Not a viable workaround.

I fully agree -- I don't see how this "we'll fix this in a couple of weeks" attitude is acceptable.
The workaround is a joke. Teams messaging not working is equivalent to phones or e-mail not being operational in a modern organization.

+1 on this guys. My organisation is also affected by this. Thank you @SeanWatkins for following up.
@SeanWatkins I also got told it will be fixed late October.
How do I log a ticket with Microsoft? Do I need to get someone from my company it support to raise the ticket?
We too are facing the issue. Have a ticket open since Oct. 5th and the workaround provided is to use the browser version of Teams. Not all users recognize this issue since there's no visible error message.
Hi Gill,
Yes you will need to contact you IT support team. They should be able to raise a case for this in their O365 admin portal.

We are having the same issue for a couple of weeks now! It is a really annoying bug, that brings me and my clients a lot of frustration. I am keeping my tablet nearby all the time to track incoming messages.

@Marc Mönnikes 


I'm facing the same issue, for a few days now. 


Sometimes switching between organizations gets me the new messages must of the times i need to log off and log in again. 


Right now i have to have my phone next to me to now when i receive new messages. 
Before i had the opposite issue, must of the times i received the messages on the mobile devices with a lot of delay or it would not even notify me. 


Hope MS solves this quickly

Having the same issue, it's so unreliable that I'm now asking people to send me messages on WhatsApp whenever they send me a message on Teams.

This bug is affecting all of our users and multiple guest Teams users. Support case opened with MS. Was essentially told an update is coming, sometime. This is a workflow breaking bug and should be addressed with appropriate urgency. I want to see an advisory or incident under Admin Teams Service Health about this.
I've noticed that read receipts indicators don't work at all either in this situation. Everything is left permanently "unread" for me.
Looks like it was fixed today!

Is there an official update/fix for this from Microsoft @Shahan K ?

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Hi everyone - This issue should now be resolved. Please report back if you're still seeing this. We released a new build ( last week which has been rolled out 100% to R4 to fix this. Please request users to sign out and sign back in to ensure that they receive the latest build.

Read receipts still seem to be broken for all our users. Also, what does that build # correspond to? We see "Version #1.4.00...." in the About menu.

@Sam Cosby 

I am having this same issue in February 2022...

Can you clarify further on your issue? Did this just start happening? Is it for just read receipts or all messages?

@Sam CosbyThis has been happening for months. When I switch organizations, no new messages appear in the desktop client (but I can see them on mobile and web apps). I have to switch organizations, kill the Teams process, and restart it. Then they appear.