No new messages in desktop client after switching organisation

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we have the following problem: Using Windows Desktop Client and we have user which are switchting with this client between own and partner organisation. 

When they swtich back to own organisation in client they get no new messages. 

They have to close the Teams client and restart the client. 

Web browser and mobile client have no problem. 


We got information from other company, that they have same problem. 



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@Marc Mönnikes We are experiencing the exact problem and are eager to get it solved.
Please reply with an answer or that you are working on it. @Pernille-Eskebo 

We are having the exact same issues. Does not affect mobile app only Desktop app. We are having to either logout / exit Teams altogether and log back in again or simply stop switching. Is this related to an update

@Marc Mönnikes 


Same issue here running on Mac OSX. My Teams was updated today to this version, however I had the same issue on the previous version.

same issue - mobile always delivers before desktop then have to restart or log out - also signed in with client guest account like the other  @guest9381 

same issue for mac os 10.14.6 and teams version (web and mobile work good)
Thanks for all replies.
I can not say when it starts. Maybe an update.

Any news from @Pernille-Eskebo?

issues here too - especially when switching organizations -> browse or edit files -> switching back Org - no new chats, whole chat window loading spinner of death etc. - even in teams web - can receive messages but messages sent do not arrive!

Microsoft: why haven't you left us any feedback on this issue yet? I'd consider this a major issue.

This issue is killing us - Sept 23rd and still experience it, reported it, and no health advisory or issue in the M365 admin center anymore. What the actual f....Maybe everybody at MS too busy oooing and aaahing at the Surface devices announced yesterday? ;)

@Marc Mönnikes Same problem here.... this is killing internal and external communication... should we go back to Slack? Anyone who found a workaround? or even better fix?

No fix, but more importantly, no word/announcement/status from MS. This affects those of us who work with multiple organizations, possibly in a support role, which means for every one of us that experiences this, 100's if not 1000's of our users are affected because their messages aren't getting through to us. So while it may be a minority or seemingly "small number"of direct users that are encounting this issue, its affecting many many more indirectly.
The same problem here - we switched temp. to web-client (
Same here -- this is extremely annoying!
Macos Catalina,
Same problem here on

There are two health advisories for this that could be directly related.  Both have been closed.

TM278944 - closed 20 Sep 2021 (this TM includes a post incident report)

TM285554 - closed 21 Sep 2021

Title: Some users can't view chat messages in the Microsoft Teams desktop client

User Impact: Users couldn't see chat messages in the Microsoft Teams desktop client.

More info: To bypass the impact, affected users could have used the Microsoft Teams web app, mobile app, or signed out and back in to the desktop client.

Final status: We developed and deployed a fix to remediate the impact with chat messages and slowness when switching chat windows. We've advised that any user sign out and restart their clients to ensure they have the latest version of Microsoft Teams. Please contact support and file a support case if you are continuing to experiences issues, and we'll resume our analysis of the problem.

Support cases have been opened, as was previously mentioned.

Am also having this issue, finding it irritating as I'm missing messages from other organisations. Only started happening in the last few weeks, was working great until then.


thank you, for us problem still exists.
We have opened case
Our business is currently having this exact same issue. It is only affecting a select number of users but seems to be growing by the day.

User will the working fine in main organisation (A), in MS Teams desktop client. Will switch to organisation (B) then back to organisation (A). User will no longer recieve any new teams messages. User can still send messages though. Problem is always triggered by switching orgainisations and user can only recieve messages again by fully closing the desktop application. Mobile app not affected at all.

Application re-install, re-profile of device does not help. Ruled out auth problems as well.

MS released an new Teams update last week, all users were fine for 2-3 days but now the problem has come back again.

Have opened a case with MS but no response yet.
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Hi everyone - This issue should now be resolved. Please report back if you're still seeing this. We released a new build ( last week which has been rolled out 100% to R4 to fix this. Please request users to sign out and sign back in to ensure that they receive the latest build.

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