No message notifications (tag's) from other orgs

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So I upgraded MS Teams desktop to the latest version. In the upper right corner, you have the company (org) ID. In the old version, I had a red circle here if I had tags from the different org's I'm in.  Now it shows no notifications. 

How can I enable this?


It's this spot at the desktop version:



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Hi, as far as I know you can't. Those notifications disappeared with the new location of "tenant switching". Perhaps Microsoft are working on it as the previous notifications from other tenants were a bit buggy. Don't know really and haven't heard anything about it either.

@ChristianBergstrom  Ok, thank you for the reply :) Let's hope there will be some change to it. It's kinda hard to get an overview now.

@ErikHegerlund  same issue here. It still works on Teams Web Version and let's hope the will bring it back.

@ErikHegerlund Yes, a definite must have.  Very lucky that I work in both the desktop and web apps at the same time, otherwise I'd be flying blind.  I'm wondering how many people that are on the early release are not responding the Activities within other Orgs they are included in?  It would be nice to get a response from someone at Micrsoft to give us a path out of this (on the desktop client).