No longer able to schedule teams meetings in outlook or teams

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As of yesterday we were able to easily schedule a Teams meeting in Outlook or in Teams -as of today that icon is no longer there and the option seems to have vanished in the Outlook Calendar as well as Teams Calendar.

Why has teams stopped allowing us to schedule teams meetings? Is anyone else having this issue? I spoke to a colleague this afternoon that claimed the same issue.

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@Tribuwan What is not there in the Teams calendar? The +New Meeting button should always be there, there is no way to turn it off?

@Steven Collier the + Meetings button is there but when I click it there used to be a button that said "Make an MSTeam Meeting" - this used to automatically add an MSTeams Meeting link to the bottom of the meeting message. This "Make an MSTeams meeting" button is now gone when I click the +Meetings button in MSTeams and in Outlook's calendar/meeting scheduler.

@Tribuwan There never was a button to do that inside Teams. If you create a new meeting and invite someone to it (you have to invite someone) it then adds the meeting join details when you save.

There is a button in Outlook to add a Teams Meeting, if that's not there I would look at your addins in Outlook to see if it's been disabled. 


  1. In Outlook, go to File > Options > Add-Ins. The Teams add-in is likely showing at the bottom under Disabled Add-ins.

  2. At the bottom of the add-ins screen next to "Manage", click the drop-down and change to "Disabled Items" and then click Go.

  3. Click on the disabled Teams add-in and then click Enable.

  4. Restart Outlook.