No Login to teams

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I can not connect any of my accounts with free version of teams. I just downloaded latest build.




1. Account Private: Error you are not registered to teams


2. Account Business use for VLC Portal:


I can log in to both accounts via web. 

1 . Account  Used for XBOX Live one drive .. Login works fine. Everything else is OK. No Use with teams. Teams App seems to be logged in. WEB Verification says ERROR


2. Business Account:

Login Works fine. VLC Portal is fine


Used in Teams 


Bleiben Sie nicht zurück! Bitten Sie Ihren Administrator, Microsoft Teams für zu aktivieren
Sie sind zurzeit als angemeldet.

Wählen Sie Für Teams registrieren aus, um fortzufahren, oder verwenden Sie ein anderes Konto.


What can i do??

This account was used earlier as invitation ID for my end customer. Is something wrong with this account or is there a vice Versa relation between them.

Use any of the Login addresses to contact me by mail.

I can Access both Accounts. 

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