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I have had Teams meetings the entire year, without problems, but about a week ago incoming video stopped working. It is a just a black screen, sound working. I works SOMETIMES but most often not. One time it worked by maximizing my screen. Occasionally it works with a person that I, in a previous meeting did not see.
I have not changed anything in the setup, graphics card etc.

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Can you try do a full logout of the teama client and log back in! Also try to update the client manually! Could also be issues with your graphic card, so update those drivers too.
I’ve heard a similar issue where it started working in full screen! I’d suggest to send feedback to Microsoft through
HELP -> Feedback


@adam deltingerUnfortunately this did nto help. I did all of the above. And sometiems it works, sometimes not:-(
With Zoom it worls all the time. Extremely irritating.

I have the same issue. It appeared about 10 of June

I am encountering the same issue as well for the last few weeks. When users share screen, I can view their screens, but when they are not presenting, it just shows up as black instead of actual faces. 

Figured it out myself:

In Teams: General Settings -> Disable GPU Hardware Acceleration -> Restart Teams
I have tried this as well. Did not solve the problem. I also deleted all the app settings and Teams itself. Again, nothing improved. With or without GPU hardware accelleration - is does nto work!

Still have NO incoming video from Teams, They can see me, I cannot see them. Sound works fine.
I have fiber conection and my discussion parterns are sitting on a very fast fiber as well.

Extremely frustrating as it works in Zoom, Google meet etc without any problems whatsoever.

Something must have changed around May timeframe. Because before that everything worked. Not it does not and I have to use my phone to have Teams meetings :( !!!!!

#Microsoft! I need help!

thanks @cameronj86

It's Working. 

Solved too, thanks for the information sharing @NishantTyagi @cameronj86 




I have the same with my new MacBook Pro:


When I restart my computer and enter into a Teams meeting, incoming videos work until I resize the teams window.  Then they go white.  I can only see the participant videos when I switch to the "Together mode" but not in the "Gallery mode".


I've tried everything suggested, including unchecking the graphics accelerator, logging out completely, deleting and reinstalling Teams - no change and very frustrating

Had the same issue and re-installing app did not work. What eventually worked for our Surface hub 2s was to:
Go into Settings
Apps & Features
Locate Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub
Advanced Options
Tapped the RESET button.
After that, the test call had incoming video again. Hope that helps.@StanStar777