No delete option for Teams contact list

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I have end users that have contacts saved on Teams that they cannot remove. When clicking on the three dots to reveal more options there isn't an option to delete, only block the contact. Where do these contacts come from and how do I delete them? The screenshot below is within Calls > Contacts.


Note: I've tried deleting all the users Outlook Contacts and relogged into Teams but no results.


Screenshot 2021-07-24 204853.png

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as you already mentioned in your post, these are contacts imported from outlook. Teams is importing the contacts from the default contact folder in Outlook. As your screenshot shows, it is not possible to delete these contacts in Teams. You can only delete contacts here, that have been created in Teams.

I have just tested to delete the contact in Outlook and this is working fine for me.
I have deleted the contact in Outlook from the "contact" folder. Afterwards I have restarted Teams to initiate the Outlook Sync. Afterwards the account was not there anymore.
Did you restart Teams? If that is not working, you could try to delete the Teams Cache, maybe it leads to some problems.

Hi Markus,
I’ve already tried deleting the contacts from the end users default contacts folder in Outlook and closed out of Teams completely with no results.

However, I haven’t tried to clear the Teams cache. How do I do this?


you should be able to find the entire cache here: 

I always close Teams and then delete all data in this folder. Then start Teams again. 

It could take a bit longer until Teams is completely up and running, because it needs to rebuild everything. 




@Markus_95 All of a sudden there are contacts in TEAMS, people who have left the company. This occurred after a Windows update. How can I get rid of them. Please note, I do not have any Contacts in Outlook.

Same as Sara mentioned. We have some "ghost" contacts that cannot be found in Outlook. Is there anyway to delete them?
I'm assuming these were copied over from Skype migration but never got removed.
Same problem here. These are definitely contacts that were imported from Skype and they only exist on the "Calls" page in Teams and can't be deleted. Anyone have a solution for this?

@jon64 I let Teams go into my phone and outlook and the list is stupid long.  Can I disconnect those two, clean it out, and just add things manually.  There are 1000 contacts in there and I only want to communicate through Teams with a dozen of them using the SMS function.

I can't remove my phone from the list of synced contacts. Microsoft being in charge of everything is exhausting. Please, let me delete contacts. I know its all about data, data, data, but you don't need to know all my contacts.

There are contacts in teams calls' contact list that I have not even heard of, how do we get rid of them? @jon64 

@Baw559 Were you able to fix this? We're experiencing the same issue

@WeagleWeagle for me i just un-synced the whole contact list from settings.