No Contacts in Chat but Contacts in Calls

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I am using Office 365 through with the full suite of Microsoft Office programs on my desktop.
I have just downloaded and installed Teams
It will not register in Outlook Calendar in spite of trying Administrator and non-Administrator start up.
In Teams I can access all my Outlook contacts to make calls BUT Teams Chat will not read any Outlook contacts which is crazy if it will read the contacts and their phone numbers in Calls.  The first three characters of a contact name simply returns a none found message, yet there's the contact and their phone number in Calls.
Coincidentally signing into Teams using the iPad Pro app won't read ANY contacts at all.

Any ideas please?

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This is by design! The chat feature does not integrate with outlook at all!
Microsoft will improve this in the future.

There’s a few uservoices you can vote for here:


@adam deltinger And still no update. The adding one contact at a time to this group is ridiculous! And then I did all that for my whole organization in Calls - but those don't show in Chat Contacts... so I now have to add them one at a time in chat too? Ugh. We should be able to add groups, it should connect to Outlook. Plus, now that I've done it for myself, for those users in our organization who are not going to sit and add contacts to their list one at a time, I have no way to do this for them (like adding a group for all) It means I'll likely have to go to each users desk and do this manually for each user. to two lists in one program, when it's already connected to 365 which knows our groups... ridiculous. I miss UserVoice!