no contact details for external contacts

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hey there, is this intentional?

hovering in chat over the persons name (on top), shows usually some contact details, like mail and phone.


if i chat with an external (teams free) user, i get the info:

... is not using teams with an organization managed account.

irrelevant information for not showing contact details.

but for other teams free users details are shown (not disabled in the privacy settings).


on the other side of the chat, this user gets:

..(me).. has chosen not to display their contact information.

i cant find any configuration for this in my account nor the teams admin center (for organisations), neither some info in the help.

does someone know, where this setting is located, chosen by default to not view/show details?


the interesting thing is, i found and added the user in teams by looking for his email (and do a external search). what reason is there to hide the email afterwards?
or getting spam mail with a contact invitation link ( ), how to make sure, this is not a fake account.



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