No chat after entering a meeting

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Can someone help end users to understand what is explained below:

We entered a MS Teams meeting using a link that was provided by the owner of the meeting to all of us by email (a group of about 15 persons).

We never used a channel, just regular MS Teams meetings.

Connection was fine as well as video and audio, but no one had access to the chat

Can someone explain how this is possible?

Are there documented bugs where a group of people connects to a MS Teams meeting and there is no chat available to no one ?

Thanks in advance.



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It may be connected to this release ... although this relates to after the meeting.

@Tanya Denton 

Thx Tanya, however this is not the case described.

In fact what was really strange is that the small icon indicating "show conversation" was gone...
So I would like to know how is it possible to do that? (i.e. removing that chat icon)