No audio for video files in Desktop app

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For video files which have been uploaded into a team or chat, when played back in the Desktop app there is no audio.

Note, audio (mic and speaker) work perfectly in a meeting. It's just the playback of files which doesn't work.

When playing back through a web browser from web Teams or SharePoint, the audio works fine.

I've given Teams a reinstall. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

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Hi @Chad Smith

I have heard of this occurring previously. Is it an MP4 or is it in another format?

Have you tried uploading the video to Microsoft Stream and then opening a stream tab within Teams?

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

Best, Chris
Yes, most files uploaded are MP4. But I can confirm the same applies to MOV files.
Also, no good through the Stream or Yammer app.

Hmm, ok

Try the following

1.) Log out of Teams and clear the cache ( Log in again
2.) Once logged in ensure that the settings for your device is right through the menu. It could be that another audio device is set, or sometimes Teams doesn't pick it up

Let me know

Best, Chris

Thank you for the follow-up.
I just ran through your suggestion of clearing the cache. I signed out, created the PowerShell script from the article, and ran it. Then signed back in and checked the device settings.
Still no good.
I grabbed another laptop in my house and signed into Teams. That works fine.
So I guess I could possibly rule out any Teams profile-specific settings being the issue, and focus on this one machine.
No worries,

If it is working on the other machine in this way then it looks machine specific. What is the machine? I guess it may be worth looking at the audio drivers etc. Does audio play through something like Windows Media Player or another app on the machine itself? Maybe try running through some of these?

Let me know, I am interested in trying to fix this one - as said, seen it a few times before

Best, Chris
Thanks Chris.
The machine is a Surface Book 2. I had done a system Reset about a month ago. But before then, Teams was working fine.
Absolutely everything else on this machine that has audio is working fine.
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Found it!!

For some reason, I had an app output override in place that was directed to my external audio interface. :facepalm:

Playing with this a bit more, I can see that Teams treats meetings as different audio output to that of playing a file. Hence why I could still hear audio in meetings, but not from files.

Chris, I appreciate your assistance on this anyway.

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@Christopher Hoard 


The Windows Media Player gets muted when trying to play videos while screen sharing on MS Teams. I am playing a mp4 video. The mp4 video on Win Media Player worked fine both before and after the meeting had concluded. But the Media Player sound button will not un-mute during the meeting MS Teams Meeting.  :facepalm: It is very frustrating and embarrassing because I had to reschedule my meeting. Bad for business! 

Hi, I’m having an issue with video files on the mobile app for Teams on an iPhone. When I am on a laptop and watch the videos I have uploaded I can hear them perfectly. However, when I use the mobile app of Teams on an iPhone I can see the videos but they have no sound! It is very urgent that I find a solution to this as these are recorded lessons for home learning that start Monday and a lot of my children only have a mobile phone to use. I need to know what to tell parents to do if they have the same issue on Monday. Thank you! Zoe
How do you get to this screen?



In Windows 11 go to Settings > Sound > Volume Mixer :D





Best, Chris


@Christopher Hoard 

I can confirm I am having this same issue. No audio on video playback on Teams iPhone app. Videos work fine when I am on my Windows 10 desktop Teams app. The original file I made is fine (I am the one who uploaded it). When I use the “make it available offline” function to download on the iPhone, I still have no audio.  Not only that but I couldn’t find where the file downloaded to. I have also experienced issues where audio in a file downloaded from Teams on my Windows 10 desktop is out of synch, and the frame rate of the file is changed from the original upload (upload from another person). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on both devices. I have restarted devices. I am using this app for school purposes to submit documents for review by the team.