No attachment icon available in the chat during a 1 to 1 meeting

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The paperclip icon for attaching files to the chat is not available when in a 1 to 1 meeting please can someone help me with this, because I need to be able to access it asap.


Thank you

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If you're missing the attachment icon you're most likely in a chat with a guest user, federated user or a personal teams account. If it's a guest user you can select to share a link to the document using the option "currently in this chat" or "specific people (same thing). It's not possible to share files (sharing links really) with the other identities. A workaround is to copy a link from an application, e.g. Excel and select the "specific people" and then paste the entire link in the chat window. But if you're already there you can just share directly from the application instead.



Thank you for your prompt response. Forgive me, but I am not sure what you mean by the "currently in this chat" and "specific people" - I do not recall seeing these options in the chat - where do I find these options? I thought I did have a business account but if I haven't how do I set one up?


Thank you


@MSuser66 They are available when you can select the attachment icon (or when sharing from an application in M365).




@ChristianJBergstrom But what if the attachment icon is missing?