No assignments when adding new channel

Hi. Created a new channel under General. But i dont see the assignments tab. Only conversations, files and notes. The Allow external apps is already turned on in O365 settings. Anybody knows where im going wrong?
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The built in assignments app in Teams for EDU is team wide, you have no option to add the tab to other channels. There are however third party tools available in the store that does this, but they use their own custom assignments apps and require you to subscribe to their service. Hopefully Microsoft will let us do this in an updated version of the assignments app in the future.

Thanks. Hopefully this function can be added as then it better seperates out the different channel if they can have their assignments. For the moment, Ive asked staff to put the channel name in the title of the assignment so they know which one it refers to. Can get quite confusing if all channels assignments are on one tab!

Here si the User Voice please if you would like this feature, vote for it. Thanks.

Hi there. Our thinking is that adding Assignments to channels could be confusing. If your goal is to have assignments for a subset of students, this capability is now available in the Assignments app.

No. THIS is confusing: Entering a new chapter of my lessons (and therefore opening a new channel), I have to tell my students to look for their assignment in the General Tab, and then go back to the new Tab, where they find their assets. These are all related to the topics in the new channel. And sorry: what is the "Assignments App"? Maybe I simply missed something. Thanks!

Hi Bartels. Thank you for the feedback. The Assignments App is a place Students can go to view their assignments across all of their classes. From the same app, Educators can view all of their assignments across all of their classes.


Regarding your feedback that assignments are only available in the general channel - thank you. Our thinking goes like this...some conversations and resources are appropriate throughout an entire class. And some conversations and resources are unit or topic specific. Some educators organize their classes by setting up channels for each unit or topic. Rather than presenting a partial list of assignments under each unit, we decided that having a central place for students to go to review all of their assignments (past, present and future) would be more intuitive.


Please do keep your feedback coming. 


From a teacher's prospective, I would like to be able to create channels where I will go to find specific class assignments.  I do not like that I have to fish through a horde of assignments in a "General" Area.  I want to go to the specific subset for different classes that I teach to certain students and find only what I need.  For instance.  I have the same students all year, but the second half of the year I teach that same group of students an entirely different class.  I would like to not have to start all over by creating an entirely new class and have to input all the names again.  I would simply like to add a channel and go there to create and find all the assignments for this term.  It will be easier for my students to find what they need quicker as well.  Listen to the teachers in the field and stop worrying about what  you were thinking.  :)

New to teams and just setting up my classes etc, and I reiterate what's been said here. I've set up my classes and creating channels for different parts of the course. Each part of the course has assignments, it makes so much sense to allow the creation of assignments in the corresponding channel, not in the general channel. This will just be an excuse for students, who will say they couldn't find the assignment ;)

I agree with you...our best 'thinking' actually looks a lot like applying the great thinking by our users. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for the feedback - similar to the ideas above. One idea for you to try - we recently introduced a notion of categories and you can use these to visually link an assignment to a unit of study. Here is a support article that explains how this works.

@Justin Chando 

I get the point of having one assignments app - that lets students, and teachers, see what the workload for the class is. It is very handy that I can plan my turn in dates to make sure students don't have five exams in one day and so forth.

However if I'm in my English Literature channel i would probably like to see the assignments for English Literature. So could some sort of filter system work? So I can have my cookie and eat it to...

We want to provide you with the best cookies anywhere!


A few questions so I can better understand how you are using Teams:
Are you using Channels to organize classes or units within a single class?

Have you used the capability that allows you to schedule an assignment so it shows up later? This article explains the process:

@Jim Federico 

My school is about to transition to Teams, and after playing around for a while we have discovered that we, too, miss being able to assign assignments to channels. Our preferred structure/work flow would be:

1. Create one "team" for each subject and group, e.g "9A English", "9A Swedish" etc.

2. Create a new channel in the team for each unit, e.g "Poetry"

3. Add assignments to the channel, e.g "Poetry assignment 1", "Poetry assignment 2" and so on.


This will achieve a couple of things:

  • Give the students a way of seeing only assignments relevant to the current unit
  • We can leave old assignments open, in case students/teachers want to go back later during the semester, without having a long list of assignments that we have to dig through
  • No need to give assignments long and confusing names, but rather we can just find the right assignment by navigating to the right channel

I understand that you have made the decision that it's easier to access all assignments from the same place. This might be true if you have only a few assignments, but any more than that will make the long list of assignments appear cluttered and hard to sort through. And besides, students can still access all assignments in one place from the Assignments App.


Thank you for taking the time to reading our feedback!



Our training institution is having the same issue.

To get around this you basically have to segregate a team into more teams unnecessarily which seems counter-intuitive

Our teams list is turning into a mess and fast becoming too difficult to manage, being able to branch groups into channels with independent assignments would be a great option.

It's a small change that would make a powerful difference

Same point of view. Our school is migrating to Office 365 and Teams but what Teams provides is much less adapted to our educational needs than our current plateform (Webweaver) that has been conceived for teachers by teachers. Teams is a tool that has been designed for commercial companies with now a few ajustements to enter into the market of education for commercial purposes...


Moodle seems to be fare more responding to educational world and needs: designed by teachers for teachers, opensource, independant and free. If MS really wants school to use teams, they need real teachers in their development... teams. Assignments of tasks is fare easier and relevant in Moodle.

Our School has just moved to MS Team. Each class is one team, each chanel is one subject.
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Need improve in Math
it is so wierd if there is no assigment for each channel. More over If some students need to special educating like "Need improve in Math" this "group" small than whole class, how can I assign for this group ?

Thank you for the clear feedback @Anh_Hien_Nguyen. Our goal has been to provide students and educators with one place to go to see all of their assignments across all subjects or units. This is why the assignments tag is only available in the General channel. One suggestion for you, consider using Categories to indicate subjects. This may help you as the educator and students understands assignments by subjects. Please do keep the feedback coming.

@Jim Federico Thank you for quick reply. I understand that when creating an assignment just add a category. But I mean here, in "assign to" section 


Just allows to assign to whole class or individual, there is no assign to channel. what should I do if there are just some students needing "additional educational needs", it is small than class or all student ? I must create a new TEAM, is this right?


@Anh_Hien_Nguyen  I suggest you simply create an assignment that contains one or more students instead of creating a new team or even a new channel. You can do this by selecting the students after clicking the box that shows "All students". Of course this assumes that all the students you want to participate in a specific assignment are enrolled in this class.