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I have lost all access to Teams. When Teams opens up, I get a message that it's not enabled and to contact the admin. I am the admin and never disabled it. When I go online to, Teams is completely gone, not even an option. I do have access to Teams admin site, but can't find where to enable it, if that is actually the problem. If I access Teams online, I get the same message, that it's not enabled and to contact the admin.  Why would it just suddenly disappear? Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hi John,

That's no fun. Is this for a business Microsoft 365 account? What license is assigned to your user account? If you go into the Admin Center, select your user, then select licenses apps on the bottom, is the Teams app disabled? Also any chance you had a trail for Teams?



@David_Bradette Thanks for the reply. I have MS365 Enterprise.  I don't see an option to select Teams other than the Exploratory trial which only has 100 licenses available and I have double that for actual users.  It's just strange that I had access to Teams, then it just went away. I have a box on my main admin page that says Teams is on and I can access groups on the Teams Admin page, but can't access though the Teams desktop or web app.  I did some digging around and did find a page that shows all of the users as "not assigned", but no way to assign them. I click on the username, an underline appears under the name, but that's about all it does.  Frustrating to say the least. One would think it would be simple to turn it back on or to assign users. 

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Hi John,


Thank you for the additional info. I have seen this issue in a couple different situations. Has anything recently changed, like a migration, or change in licenses?


Lets get some more info. Sorry if this is things you've already tried. I've included a few screenshots below that will guide you to the right area from within the Admin Center. If the settings are the same as per the screenshots, I recommend deselecting "Turn on Microsoft Teams for all users", then save. Then go back and turn it on again. Could you also check your user account under the license tab as per the screenshot below, and see if Teams is selected under the "apps" dropdown menu? If it is, I would also deselect then save, then reenable it. I'd give it up to an hour to churn away, then logout, then back into Office 365 from the web browser, and try Teams again. 




If you can't find some of these options, could you provide a screenshot of what you see? Please remove any sensitive info from the screenshots before posting.


Hope this helps.






Hi David,

Thanks again for the reply  and trying to help out. It's much appreciated. I was able to turn Teams off/on without any issues using the way you showed. However, when I go into my licenses/apps, I don't have an option for Teams like you do. Here is what I have:



As I mentioned previously, I do have an option for Teams Exploratory, but only 100 licenses. I have 205 active users. If I do click on Exploratory, I do have access at least, but I don't see where that is a viable solution given how many users I have. 

I did also notice you have Office 365 E3 where mine just says Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. Not sure if that matters. My reseller has assured me that I should have access to Teams with what I have. 

I appreciate all your help!