Newbie - How to share files FROM OneDrive TO a Team or Team Channel

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We will be setting up Teams with both internal and external users.  I can see my OneDrive in TEAMS under Files, but no way to "share" from there.  If the whole point of collaborating with files with a "team" why can I not simply share a folder from my OneDrive to a channel or team I'm a member of, WITHIN the Team Browser or Desktop app?


If I open OneDrive in the browser, I can search for a TEAM name, but have to know the exact name and still it doesn't really tell me if that's a TEAM or a group in Outlook.  As well, I can share to a Channel.


Also, there is a "Add Cloud Storage" in TEAMs and Channels, yet no OneDrive.  Very confusing.


I don't want to have to email the members of a channel a link from my OneDrive in an email as this defeats the purpose of TEAM.  


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Two things here.
1. You can right click the file from your onedrive folder on your PC and share, or use share and get link from the onedrive interface, long as you use Anyone / Org can view/edit link then you can paste that link into Team chat.

2. They are working on taking the SharePoint and OneDrive UI's and putting them into Teams so you will have the same interfaces to use to Share.

If you use the Chat it directly Shares with the participants of your chat from your OneDrive but I would suggest adding a uservoice for instead of a "Upload a copy" which is the only option from attaching OneDrive, that they add another button called Share a link and it automatically Shares with the Office 365 Group for access. This would then be dynamic for group membership and anyone joining the Team seeing your link will automatically have access to the document. Althou, that said, the whole point of having Files tabs in a Team is to put the file there instead of Sharing it from your OneDrive :P.

If you've figured out how to make this work I'd love to hear about your experience.  As someone migrating from G-Suite, I find this very confusing as well.  I'd like to maintain a backend organizational structure with my organization's files so that things aren't just floating around in various groups.  The current structure seems a bit like having to fish through one's email account to find the needed files.

Still not there as of today... (2020!)

Dear MS Teams developers, this is definitively something useful. I don't want to duplicate/copy files within Teams.



Our org is relatively new to Teams and I have just migrated all of my documents from Dropbox to OneDrive. Finding it very challenging to use teams and OneDrive together which seems ridiculous considering they are both part of the MS Suite. I almost feel like it would be easier to go back to Dropbox.
I want to share doc's / folders in teams but have them save to the OneDrive location when edited to avoid multiple copies of docs...
Please help Microsoft

It is unbelievable that I can't share a file which is correctly stored in my Teams folders in a Teams meeting.

The only option is to upload it from computer and share it that way.

HOWEVER, by doing that I create a second copy! The WHOLE point is to avoid duplicates.

I can share from my personal OneDrive but not my Team's OneDrive!

Why on earth has this not been fixed yet? It is so fundamental.

Same issue for sharing a file in Chat. I can't share a file from the Teams folder, only my personal or upload a file from my computer.  I can only share a file from within a Channel.

It simply does not make any sense! This has been a problem for a long time and it is very frustrating.

Try this:

You make the file in your OneDrive sharable, and then post the link to it in your Teams folder
Try to think of it as an ownership issue; Once the file itself is stored in Teams, the Team owns it. If the Team is not 'Public', then only the Team can see it. If you own a document, you can share a link to it (From your OneDrive), but you still own the document, and control permissions so you can share the link with anyone else still because it is a link to your OneDrive, not a link to a private Team site.

@Mel_Gthank you for helping.

I have all my Team files in Team files because they are all for the team to use. I don't want to have them in my private onedrive and share them each time.

I can't see the difference:

1. I can share Teams files in a channel

2. but not in a chat or in a meeting


So what I am doing is the have a Channel called meetings and share documents from there, but I would like to share Team files from where ever I am in Teams.




Is it a private team? Only the Team can see the channel whereas anyone can be in a chat or meeting, unrelated to the team.
Admin can also restrict external file sharing from Teams. Common security/confidential information restriction.


Ok, that makes more sense now. Perhaps it is as it should be then.



Thanks Mel,
Certainly useful insights. I am trialling the shared OneDrive / Sharepoint folder with corresponding uploads to Teams. I am hopeful that changes that occur in the docs accessed via Teams will update the 'hard' location within OneDrive / Sharepoint.
i really want for the majority of my team to access shared docs through Teams Channel but still be able to share it with outliers and have continuity across a single working document

@Mercedes Green Sometimes the only thing we can do is praying for IT team do it quickly :smile:



Anyone know of Any update?

I have just switched from Dropbox to Onedrive as MS integration with teams was important. No idea that this was not possible - might as well go back, unless its going to change soon.

Absolutely ridiculous that you can't share a file from OneDrive to Teams, but you can share from the desktop. When uploading the same file from the desktop you get the warning that "this file is already in this folder". What folder? My OneDrive files folder? If it's already IN the folder, it's just the matter of a simple visual LINK. And this has been an issue since 2018!

Also, I would love to see them fix the edit/view restrictions. Currently it seems this is completely governed by the link sent. So, what, I need two links and somehow obscure who has access to which? Come on, MS.