New Voicemail User Settings Features

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We have configured Direct Routing with Teams in our test environment and linked it via SCB to our on-premise PBX. Works generally fine, but we are wondering, how we can change the voicemail timeout (seconds until the voicemail takes the call) from default value of 30 sec. to another one - either globaly or on a per-user base.

The Lync portal ( is not delivering such a setting.


Any idea?


Greeting from Germany!



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Great question @Peter Heck. Allowing users to specify a time-out is something we have on our backlog. Dont have dates to share yet but we are looking at it. :) 


Thanks for the feedback - will have a look at the roadmap and follow up with our local German experts from Microsoft!


See you on the Ignite!?





Sadly I don't think I will be at Ignite myself but some of my team members will be :)