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Fred Cook
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We are testing Teams in our office, looks good so far and should replace several non integrated apps.  I note that it uses Sharepoint for file storage, a site that is created when Teams is  installed.  I have had a little experience with Sharepoint, years ago in a different company, so I would like to look that this Site that was created.  How do I find it and access it?

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Hover your mouse over the 3 dots (ellipsis) to the right of the General link at the top of the screen, choose open in SharePoint.


You should also, click  the Help icon in the bottom left, then choose Videos to see some getting started videos.

I do that and get taken to the Site I set up 3 years ago, but it does not contain the file that I posted in a chat.  I can go to Files in the tabs bar and it shows that file (only one as it was a test to see how it worked).  Why don't I see it on the site?

I should clarify, when I go to Files in the tab bar (in Teams)...
Each time you create a channel in a Team, a folder with the channel name is created in the document library of the site so you have to browse the right folder in the site and the file should be there...if you share the file in a private chat, it will be in your ODFB
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