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I am part of a team that runs a small magazine based in Denver. Some of us are out of state and quarantined and we want to try and utilize Teams to continue to have structure and conduct meetings and so forth. I also have a full-time job with a major telecom provider in which I utilize Teams as well - so I already have it installed on my desktop and am familiar with it from a user perspective. That being said, would there be any conflict or infringement of PCI compliance to be wary of since I already have a Teams profile with the major company I work for? And the biggest question I have would probably the most obvious (though I have been unable to find an answer), and that is how do I register our LLC with Microsoft teams initially with administrative privileges to create team member profiles?


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@theonly764heroactually if I did not get your wrong by the profile you mean to use MS Team with both your accounts at the same time if that is the case, currently it is not supported as of today but it is on the roadmap and will be available once fully designed and developed.


but there is a workaround you could use Microsoft Edge Chromium open Teams in the web and in that edge menu you will get the option to install web client as the desktop app then you are able to use 2 MS Teams clients at the same time.

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Here is the Link for getting your LLC signed up for Microsoft with E1 Licenses which is free for 6months. This would help you use the services for 6months with full admin privileges.


Answering your second query wherein you want to log into two separate user account at the same time. Here is the link how you can do that.


Multiple Instance of Microsoft Teams


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