New Teams - Video freezing

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I have no issues using the "old" version of teams. The problem only occurs in the "new" version.


In a meeting all incoming video turns black (including shared screens). my image "floats" in the middle of the screen and is also frozen.


The "mini" window when I minimize the application during a meeting show live/unfrozen incoming video of the speaker.


Version Info:

You have Microsoft Teams version 23231.413.2355.7555.
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 9/12/2023.
The client version is 49/23082000931.


Frozen screenFrozen screen

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I have the same exact problem; old Teams works as expected, but new Teams freeze cameras (incoming and outgoing) as soon as participants join in.

I have tried clearing cache, reinstalling new teams but still haven't got it to work.

Any idea would be welcome :)
second that. exactly the same issue.

it is specific to the computer so I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the graphics driver.
I have NVidia RTX 4o7o, updated drivers couple of time. there are no settings in new teams to disable some accelerations.

I have an AMD Radeon RX 6800 with the most updated driver. Not sure what I can to solve this. Maybe MS will see this and add some graphics debugging to send a log or something.

I have a NVIDIA RTX 3080; i tried updating drivers, but it didn't change anything.
I agree that a graphics log/debugging is probably a good idea from MS; let's hope this will get resolve soon.
Same exact issue here. Happens every time. I'm on a AMD Threadripper cpu 3960 with Nvidia 4900 gc.
I found out that if all have cameras disabled, screenshare works fine.

so maybe PIP (Picture In Picture)? I have an integrated camera in Dell - no idea what brand it is, drivers don't say.
I have the same issue with an Alienware Aurora R10 with an Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti.
Same issue for me as well. Old Teams works just fine but video freezes in the new Teams. Win 11 Pro x64; AMD Ryzen 7 5800X; GeForce RTX 3070 with the latest drivers.

I'm experiencing this issue as well, and have been for several months with the 'new' Teams. Switching back to the previous Teams corrects the issue.

Teams version: 23257.2610.2399.1040.
The client version is 49/23090112236
Updated on 26/09/23

Graphics card is Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 running driver version 537.42.

The webcam in use is USB connected to the desktop PC.

Interestingly, it seems to capture the camera output at the moment the call is connected and freeze-frames that particular frame. Toggling the camera on and off again doesn't affect this frozen behaviour.

The camera feed is not frozen for anyone else on the call they, they can see me moving in real time, and screen sharing doesn't appear to be affected by this.

BTW my camera is the Microsoft Modern Webcam
Same issue here with the new Teams. Alienware Aurora R12 with GTX4070 and latest drivers. This is definitely a widespread issue. tried twice to use the new teams but had to rollback to previous version.
Same problem, newest drivers, reinstalled teams, issues still persists. When I'm doing a testcall the PIP works though..
Update: Running teams an administrator fixes this issue for me
I get this exact same behavior. I have got to a point now where my first call works, but subsequent calls result in this. If I completely close teams and re open, it will work again. I've combed through the logs and can't tell what it could be. I have a USB Mic (Yeti) and a USB Cam (Logitech C920).

Running as administrator did not fix.
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@Matt_Camilli I've noticed that it freezes anytime I switch to a different window on MacOS. I'm wondering if there's a background app refresh issue. I have to close out and reopen Microsoft Teams then rejoin the call.

Update Update: Now Teams isn't working anymore, also if I start it as an administrator.

New Teams was working fine until today and now I have this exact same problem.


What is very interesting is that other participants in the meeting can still see me, I just can't see them and I am frozen on my screen.


I also did a recording and the recording is showing everything and my movement on camera.


Very weird and haven't been able to figure it out.

Update Update Update :D:
For me it has something to do with virtual cameras. I use Xsplit vcam and if I select this camera before going into the meeting I get this bug. If I select another one I don't get this behavior.
Within the meeting I can then switch back to Xsplit virtual camera and it works, but only until someone joins or shares his/her screen.