New Teams - User location not working

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Dear Community,


We are developing a Teams JavaScript chatbot following the example from: where the user is able to share its location to the chatbot.


On new Teams, it is expected to retrieve user location from navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition() method since is no longer supported (which was great since it was possible to manually select your location).


What we are facing is that most of the times, the desktop application is stuck in the "prompt" state and nothing else happens. Nothing else shows in the screen. Only timeout messages if we set it. We've made sure hundreds of times that location permissions are enabled both in the computer and also inside the app permissions in the Teams client (under Settings) including app reinstallations.


For the web client, it is very similar.


This issue is starting to become a little bit frustrating for us since there is not much else that we can do and it's a core feature for the application in order to work properly. On classic Teams everything was working perfectly.


At the end what we want is to retrieve user location and we don't know if there is a better way to handle this situation than rendering an iframe which is what is doing the official example.


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.





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