New Teams random chat switch when hovering reaction

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I Report a bug when hovering a reaction on a message to view who's reacted to (Windows 10).


Sometimes, with the new Teams version (24102.2223.2870.9480.), hovering over a message's reaction causes the chat list to switch from the current one to a random one in your chat history.



Edition Windows 10 Enterprise
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎01-‎Jul-‎22
OS build 19045.4412
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19056.1000.0

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I'm also having this issue.
Hope that someone tells us how to fix this.
I'm also having this issue. It has been happening for awhile. I'm now on latest Windows 11 and that hasn't resolved it. Annoying.

So far I have not noticed any specific actions that lead to a change of chat, it is always a random chat or group

Yeh I've had this for a few days now. For me it seems to flick back to my prior chat/channel upon replying or reacting to a chat message. But not always.

Microsoft Teams version 24137.2216.2931.2440.
Client version is 49/24050307617.