NEW Teams on VDI - Unable to Share Screen in Meetings

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Using the new version of teams - 23257.2620.2442.7817 on Windows 365 and i'm unable to fundamentally share any of my screens or windows in meetings or 1-2-1 calls.
I have multiple screens connected to my local machine and additional screens are not available when i click share either.


I've reverted to the classic version which doesnt have these issues.

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Hello nbird22,

welcome to the Microsoft community, my name is Yakubu Suleman I'll be happy to help you today;

I understand that you are unable to share screen in meeting on your New Teams on VDI

Please note that the following minimum versions are necessary to support the new Teams client:

Remote Desktop Client for Windows 1.2.1755 (ideally the latest version)
Remote Desktop Client for Mac 10.7.7 (ideally the latest version)
Windows 365 app for Windows via the Microsoft Store

In addition, you must deploy the following registry key on the virtual desktop for the new Teams client to be optimized:


Name: IsWVDEnvironment
Value: 1

Kindly confirm if you have all these settings in place and if no, please do so and re-confirm te behavior.

Best regards.
I am using the latest version of the Remote Desktop Client, Teams took an update this morning and the window sharing options seem to work but i'm still unable to share any of the other connected screens, it only detects my laptop screen.
I have all these requirements set and our W365 CPC users are not able to share windows in Teams but only the entire screen. This is quite frustrating as it seems to be the same whether on new Teams or classic.