New Teams - NDI Out functionality missing?

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We use the NDI Out functionality in live event production. However, it appears that there's no NDI Out functionality in the New Teams desktop app.


I've double checked that NDI is available across the organisation and it is visible within the release channel version of the app.



Am I missing something in New Teams, and the functionality is there?

It it isn't, will New Teams be receiving the NDI functionality? And where is it on the roadmap?

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I was also not able to find it in the NEW Teams. As we use NDI in the big Venues and large Events very intense it would be a big minus to Teams as Tool of choice. Hope it's implemented soon. So long we have to stay at the old Teams Version. Good that you have the switch availlable to go back to the old Version.

It just amazes me that every time Microsoft update TEAMs and other products then release them the functionality they had before vanishes, and they done it again in NEW TEAMS  

Being a software developer for many years, we never removed functionality in new releases. Really is bad practice to do this for your customers.

Like mentioned NDI is used in many events I use it for corporate companies that use MS TEAMs to produce large event. SO trying the NEW TEAMS, there we have it. NDI is missing from TEAMS again. Last update same problem, Microsoft why can’t you get this right, NDI being one of nots important functionality.

If NDI is NEW TEAMS, then please say where it is as before it was under the Streaming 3 dots selection now even the Streaming under 3 dots has vanished. That’s A Doh 

The big worry now is that if you release NEW TEAMS as default for everyone you going cut out the classic teams NDI that we all been using and cause problems to our businesses and customer where use  the NDI functionality.  NDI is the best functionality you include and the split of audio channels. Surely you be thinking of making this even better than just 10 channels and increase the NDI breakout function more.  Be the leader and better than zoom and others.


So Please MS fix this as love to use the NEW TEAMS but now have to keep as if. Of course if you force switch to the New teams and does not have the functionality you then mess up my business of which i use to support several very large Blue Chip companies.


Also to note in the NEW MS teams when you click on setup a LIVE EVENT, it opens a browser window now and not open the calendar in MS Teams to setup the event. WHY WHY WHY this just don’t make sense. When the browser windows open it tries to login to you online MS account and just hangs. 

so current status   MS NEW TEAMS - POINTLESS


Hopefully MS actually read this community and can actually give some help in what they are doing and fix issues to make NEW Teams work


ove5 to you Microsoft.......




Hi Everyone so as we find MS NEW TEAMS to try and we find missing parts then we all come back saying where is NDI and functionality not working. Wouldnt it be GREAT if Microsoft when you oepn the new TEAMS or any new application update they make, to put a welcome message popup which you can select to not show after you read it to tell you the latest, that having to search the web and find answers.

So after searching for some time reading all the comments I eventually find the MS NEW Teams issues page - Why this is just not presented by micrsoft as you open the NEW MS Team is a mystery. MS would this not make everyones experience easier if you just showed a info option when trying new experiences so we know from the start that items are not all working.

So all MS Teams fans trying teh new MS Teams and finsing functionity not working please see there NEW TEAMS Issues page :

Would have been so much easier if this was presented on opening the NEW MS TEAMS. !!!!!!!!!



Thanks for the link to the "coming soon" November time frame for NDI.

Love to know if this is 2023 or 2024 or ?

I checked yesterday as for my "legacy teams" forced me over to New Teams, and it was not there yet.

If anybody has a firm ETA on this, I'd love to hear.


I saw this morning that the option is implemented. There is a message that you have to install the latest NDI asset (ndi-win-x64_vs2022-crtdynamic-release) from MS to make it work. But as soon as you install it, you can't activate the production capabilities anymore. I did not try the function if it would work without that installer. But after installing it, nothing works anymore.... guess it needs some more time until the new teams is woth using it....
has anyone actually got NDI Working on the new teams? i get the message to update the latest NDI assest but the download link produces an error message?
  1.  switch to the old version
  2. go to settings, app permissions
  3. turn on production
  4. switch back to the new version
  5. go to settings, app permissions
  6. download the file from the link
  7. install the files
  8. turn on production
  9. when in a meeting got to more, streaming, broadcast over NDI

@KFawnsthis worked me.

@Martin-Finlayson - could you confirm what you mean by download the file in link? Can't see any download links in the thread. 

So we can now see the NDI functionality in New Teams, but it still appears to be unreliable. Having to download a separate package is less than ideal as it means we can't just enable it on managed devices.

Here's to hoping that it stabilises in time for the forward switch over in March!

And the app permission "Production" turns off each time you close teams or reboot the computer.

Has this been fixed yet?  If we allow Microsoft Teams for Mac to upgrade to New, will NDI work?