New Teams meeting picking up old link

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I set someone up on their iPad to join a Happy Hour via Teams.  I sent the Teams link via email.  She clicked on it and we were able to have a test prior to the actual Happy Hour.  I did the test 3 days prior to the Happy Hour date, which is tonight.  So now, she went to click on the link to join the Happy Hour and it's taking her to the 'test' we did last week.  So it's showing she's waiting in the lobby for someone to let her in.  I go to the old invite from last week - and there she is, waiting in the lobby!  So I had her on the phone and asked her multiple times if she's opening the right email and clicking on the right link.  She sent me a screen shot showing the email she's using - and it's the current one for the Happy Hour tonight.  But she clicks on that link, and it's taking her to the one from last week.  Help!

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