New Teams Mac - Can't position tasks in board view

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Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 2.12.31 PM.png

OS: macOS 13.5.1


New Microsoft Teams for Mac doesn't allow the horizontal repositioning of task tiles in Board view.


In what is now known as "Microsoft Teams classic," the act of clicking and moving a tile creates a faded image of the tile that can be moved within the task bucket.


In New Teams, the click-and-move action turns the task into a small document icon that cannot be placed anywhere. On releasing the mouse the tile returns to its original position.


Does anyone have this task positioning capability, or is it an actual missing feature?



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I have the exact same problem on my M1 MacBook Pro. Latest "New Teams" and latest macOS.
I had to go back to Teams classic.
I submitted feedback on this issue via New Teams' help menu.

Through there I was also directed to a known issues page for New Teams:

This problem isn't listed, but the page may come in handy for anyone visiting this post.
Same problem, makes it almost a bit useless :*/