New Teams for Work and School Problems on VMWare VDI.

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First off I just want to say Teams has always worked fine on my Android Phone and Desktop Computer.

For work however I have to use a VMWare VDI and it's been a night mare for years.


Regardless I recently upgraded to the NEW Teams for Work and School msix and I am having issues.


1. When someone else is Screen Sharing my CPU goes to 100%. Did not happen on Teams Classic.
2. Audio get choppy randonmly. Did not happen on Teams Classic.
3. It forces the install to C:\ Drive which gets erased every monday. How do I make it install to local profile. 


Any help would be appreciated.

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The answer is....

Do not use new teams for work and school.

It doesn't work.  @flagrant99 


Still need to install it though.


Then tell it to keep using the old one.