New Teams Desktop Client Not Showing All the Employees Teams

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We have an employee who cannot see all of their teams in the new Microsoft Teams Desktop Client.

When the employee uses the browser Teams they can see all of their Teams.

I had the employee switch to the Classic Teams on the desktop and they could see all of their teams. But, when Classic Teams reverted back to the new Teams they couldn't see the teams anymore.

The employee doesn't want to use the browser.

In the new Teams is there a limitation of how many teams a person can view?


I was also talking to a friend of mine and in their tenant they are having the same issue.

They have employees who can't view all of their teams in the new Teams desktop client, but the employees can view all of the teams in the browser Teams.

They also have employees who can't view all of their channels under the teams in the new Teams desktop client, but can view all of the channels in the browser Teams.

My friend is having their employees setup different profiles in Edge to be able to view their Teams in the browser.


Is there a fix for to view all of the teams and channels in the new Teams desktop client or will our employees need to use the browser to view the teams and channels?


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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@Beth McCord Hi Just curious if he waits longer do they show up? It seems to be a bug if you ask me Is it only one employee or multiple?

Good morning,
No, the teams never appear in the desktop client.
Right now it is just one person in our tenant (that I know of), but my friend has several in their tenant that this is happening to.

I've also had a user with the same symptoms experience this with the new client as of today (no issues previously on the new client). For our part, we've cleared the user's teams cache and restarted with no luck. The user's teams appear just fine on the mobile client, so this appears to be a specific bug with the new client.


I was able to fix the problem, at least for now for this one user, by going to the Teams admin center, removing the user from each of the missing teams there, waiting a minute or two, and then re-adding the user to each of those teams. Not scalable for sure, but for one user and a half dozen teams, much faster than trying to troubleshoot and fix an inherent bug.