New Teams Deployment Question

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For those who are planning or have already deployed the New Microsoft Teams to your organization, have you uninstalled the Classic Teams from your end-users computers in conjunction with your rollout? Or have you left it running side by side?

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I can only answer from an end-user point of view:
In my Teams window there is a selector - "Try the new Teams" - which makes me believe that New Teams is installed side by side with Classic Teams.
And this is lucky, since there are still a lot of issues when using New Teams. Almost all in our local office have now switched back to Classic Teams because of non-working features.

@garyleung1981 I have yet to see anyone install New Teams as the only version, I imagine that once it's GA we might start to see that happening, but while it's Public Preview I doubt many would take the risk.

Fully agree @steven and think this will be like that for a while even in GA companies want to have the option to quickly switch