New Teams' Contact Cards will randomly stop displaying

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Ever since the company I work for switched to New Teams a rather annoying bug started happening at a seemingly random pattern: hovering the mouse pointer over a contact won't trigger the display of it's contact card.


I'm sure it is not a local-machine issue since, from talking to coworkers, I've found out that this is rather widespread. I've also seen a variety of posts in Microsoft's Community Forums regarding this issue, some that date back to 2023, and it clearly hasn't been properly addressed by any Microsoft staff so far.


I've seen a variety of tweaks that do manage to, sometimes, bring it back temporarily. Those were always suggested by users. I haven't seen a single response from Microsoft's staff in this forum regarding this matter that was actually useful. Most times it's actual non-sense, such as clearing Chrome or Edge's cache or messing with the Members' Settings under teams tab within the application (which also didn't seem to work for anyone, since these replies never get a single upvote but rather angry responses).


Do we have any actually useful suggestions on how to tackle this issue?


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