New Teams client screen share not working

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I ran into an issue with the new Teams client and screen sharing.
This doesn't show in Teams classic and web app.

When some one in a meeting shares the screen, the user only sees a blank white screen or just the users profile picture on a white screen. It is the same for screen share, whiteboard, PPT live and Excel live.

I have already:
- cleared the Teams cache

- checked for Teams updates

- completely removed Teams and installed it again

- checked for Windows updates

- checked for various driver updates, like display, graphics card, chipset, NIC, Wi-Fi.

- disabling IPv6 is not an option, because the ISP requires it.

- checked display settings like resolution and scale

- tried SFC/ scannow

- ran DISM CheckHealth /ScanHealth /RestoreHealth


Any ideas, what else could help?

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Same issue here!  Super annoying!

I'm having the same issue, it gets fixed after resetting or reinstalling Teams, but happens again once someone shares their screen. Please fix this.

@MarkusS251 Same thing happening here, but today, the Classic Teams upon loading dims the screen and shows a screen FORCING me to switch to the New TEams on the spot or when I'm not using the app..

does microsoft personal not reply to threads? I have same problem