New Teams client, issue with time zone settings.

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Hello everyone,

I ran into an issue with the new Teams client that seems to be a general behavior.
So far it was the same on all machines and accounts I checked.

When you set up a meeting in a Teams channel and use a different time zone then your local one, editing the meeting will change the time zone to your location and mess up the scheduled time for the meeting.
You can’t edit the time zone anymore, once the invitation has been sent.
It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of the channel or not.

With the classic Teams client and the web app you also can’t change the time zone, but they kept the one of the original invitation.

This doesn’t happen with Teams meetings set up in Outlook or the Teams standard calendar.

Any tips or ideas on this?


New Teams ClientNew Teams Client










Classic Teams ClientClassic Teams Client


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Did you try editing the meeting from the group's mailbox in Outlook?

@Andres Gorzelany Hello Andres,
thanks for your input. I didn't test the Groups option yet. One thing about the Groups is that they are hidden by default in our company, so most are not visible. They have to be made visible by request. As a workaround it's not as convenient as the web app. I will test the functionality though but I have to add a calendar for testing first. I'll post the result.

I tested with a Outlook Groups calendar.
Not only stays the custom set time zone, you also could change it if necessary.
This was not possible with the web or classic Teams client.

There are two workarounds for this issue.
- edit the meeting in the web app
- edit the meeting in the Outlook Groups calendar
Don't use your personal calendar, that doesn't work.