New Teams Channel Calendar App Makes Channel Meetings Easier to Access



The Teams channel calendar app highlights meetings scheduled for a calendar and makes it easier for team members to attend these events. Meetings for all channels in a team are stored in a single calendar, so the app applies a filter to display the meetings belonging to the channel it is installed into.

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@ReneJ_Hamburg Those 15 users might have been part of the group when it was originally created as an Outlook group before being team-enabled. That would explain why they were in the subscribers list.


Or they could have been added by an admin.


Or this might be a very old team (created before mid-2018) when the attributes assigned to the team were less consistent and appropriate to those used for new teams now.

@Tony Redmond 

Thanks fpr your quick answers!


Is there any other way to add somebody in the subscriber-list as by Powershell? In some Portal (Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams) per GUI?

@ReneJ_Hamburg Users can subscribe themselves by updating their email options for a group using OWA. Apart from that, it's either PowerShell or the Graph API.

@Tony Redmond this is really cool to be build upon Graph API.

Any idea if Teams Dev aims to support "adding" and "creating" channel calender via API call to a channel?

naming conventions etc would help a lot doing it scripted

did not find any graph api wording about channel calendar so far :(


@Oliver Funk  I don't see any Graph API call to add the channel calendar to channels.

@Tony Redmond  Is there a way that you know of to delete a calendar entry from the channel calendar if an employee no longer exists?  I've run into this where a former employee has a reoccurring meeting and nobody can delete it even the Team owners.  I have Team admin rights and even when I join the team I am unable to delete the meeting.  As well I've tried to delete the whole calendar and recreate it and the same meeting remains.

Hi Tony, so if we create a Team from the admin centre and even if the AlwaysSubscribeMembersToCalendarEvents is set to false members are still receiving the invites when the calendar entry is created in the channel calendar app.

I can see that the users are linked. Will the new update resolve this issue?

Get-UnifiedGroupLinks -Identity "teamname" -LinkType Members

also If I wanted to edit someone else's Teams channel calendar entry in the calendar channel calendar app, for example, because they have left or if they are away is this possible without having access to their username and password?
Can anyone view the channel calendar, or just those that are in the group? I want to be able to have a department/ team calendar that can be viewed by anyone in the company.

@hsample Anyone belonging to a team can view a channel calendar. If you want a calendar that's available to anyone in the company, consider using an org-wide team (if you have less than 10.000 people in the company). If you have more, a regular team supports up to 25,000 members, but you'd have to manage the membership yourself (probably with PowerShell).

@Tony Redmond Hi Tony. 


I am using the channel calendar app. Is there a way for the entire team site to collate all of the channel calendars into one view? 




All the events are in the group calendar. You can see that with OWA, but there's not a way in Teams to show all the events for all channels.

@CamillaAndersson I'm having this very same issue with guests! Were you able to solve it? It's a new Team and a new  Channel calendar... 

@blue_man If you remove a user from the Team and immediately add them back to the team the subscriber flag will have cleared.

I have never figured out how to clear the subscriber flag for guests. This is a problem because every guest gets invited to meetings that have nothing to do with them.

@Kent53 If you want control when running a meeting in a team which has guests, use a personal meeting and invite the people you want to attend. 

@Tony Redmond Thank you for your response. I wish Channel Meetings worked better than they do. You seem to have said as much too in some of your posts.

@Kent53 There's definitely some room for improvement...

@Tony Redmond 

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We are having issue when meeting is schedule using Channel Calendar app. If we schedule any meeting on Saturday then meeting gets auto deleted from Teams channel after 5 min, but if we use any other day (including Sunday) then it stays on Teams channel calendar as normal.

I do not see any settings on how to manage options for Teams channel calendar app.


Any limitation we hit or any Teams admin center options should I search. Let us know how to resolve.