New Teams call automatically mutes

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Since yesterday our company has the problem that when an user clicks on a hyperlink to click to dail, Teams automatically mutes the call. 

Cache has already been cleared and the problem still persists. Does anybody else have this problem?

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Same problem here, I am on Teams New, version 24074.2321.2810.3500.
We have the same problem.
Employees report that it only happens when they click on a link in another program. If they copy and paste the number into Teams, it is not set to mute.
Hi, this is a bug in your Teams version. Check your Teams version
If you still use the old Teams version switch to the new version.

@Holger Bunkradt 


Nope, the problem is still there with the latest version, 



This issue is known by the Microsoft support, but I don't have a timeline for the update, which should fix this problem.