New Teams Bug - Open file using "Open in App"

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When using the New Teams and opening files using the "Open in app" option, the taskbar in Windows 11 does not create a separate task bar icon. For example, when I open a Word file in Teams, it treats the icon as Teams icon - it couples (stacks) it with existing Teams icons:




Additional Information:


  • While you have an MS Word file that was opened from the New MS Teams, and open MS Word from Windows it groups it under the Teams.
  • If you close all files that were opened in the New MS Teams, and then Open a Word file and then open a word file from the new MS Teams then it will start grouping it under the MS Word taskbar icon.




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@Tristan999 please fill a ticket for this one.



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@Tristan999 - Thanks for sharing the feedback. 

Can you please share the Teams version!

@Tristan999 Please let me know if when you get a response, have a user with this issue. Have disabled New Teams for now as it was bothering them.

@jhassallclarke Will do! I have not created a ticket since this product is still fairly new, and you still have the option to use classic Teams.


I would recommend using the "Give Feedback" functionality in the new Teams so that Microsoft would at the very least give the option to open files in the context of Teams or in Office the application. 

@Tristan999 - Thanks for sharing the feedback.

This is a known issue, and we are actively working on it. 

Thanks for your patience.

@Tristan999 & @jhassallclarke - you may or may not have discovered this by now, but posting in case it helps yourselves or others. A workaround to this I have found is to change the New Teams Settings > Files and links > File open preference settings and choosing to always use Desktop App to open files instead of in Teams itself. Then all word docs opened display as you would expect on the taskbar as stacked under the Word icon and not Teams. Not what everyone might want I appreciate, but for me I find it preferable.