New Teams becomes unusable with authenticator accounts

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My workplace allowed us to use the Teams apps today; upon opening it, everything was fine, and using accounts worked as expected. However, I found that an update was available which I promptly proceeded with. When Teams restarted I was welcomed with a blank screen with no error messages or anything to directly help me understand what was going wrong.


Reviewing the logs I was able to find that accounts requiring Microsoft Authenticator are not able to authenticate but fail silently. This feels like a major step backwards and resetting Teams only allows the app to continue working while it remains open; restarting breaks it again.


I understand that new apps introduce unforeseen challenges but this issue is something I think should have been discovered by internal testing as it is very common for primary and guest accounts to use Microsoft Authenticator.


It would be great to know if anyone else has experienced this issue and how it might be possible to completely reset Microsoft OneAuth as accounts are appearing in the new Teams that don't in the old Teams.

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@cshawaus Same here. After switching to the "New Teams", hoping it might catch up at least a bit with Zoom in terms of performance and usability, the only effect I noticed were different colors, slightly modified buttons,... and the total loss of any chance to log into client environments. 


Authenticator would keep asking for  the two digit code and always claim that it did not match. Fortunately, it is possible to switch back to the old Teams (which seems to be the best function of the new Teams). After that, the codes were accepted again.


Seems almost like Microsoft has given up on innovation and professional software and is sure that many CIOs out there just look at the license costs and don't care about the time their users spend on bad software.


welcome to the Microsoft community, my name is Recep I'll be happy to help you today.

I understand you are having issues with new teams authenticator accounts. Please note that several requests have been raised regarding this issue and based on the known issues on New Microsoft teams as seen on the document below, Authentication issue is not part which I believe Microsoft must have resolve so I am following up with you to confirm if you are still experiencing this issue and if yes, please proceed to 

1. Un-install Teams

Browse to the %appdata%\Microsoft folder on your computer and delete the Teams folder.

3Download and install Teams. If possible, reinstall Teams as an administrator. To do this, right-click the Teams installer file, and select Run as administrator and revert with the behavior.


Reference article: Known issues in the new Microsoft Teams desktop client - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn


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@Deleted Sorry, as much as I appreciate your suggestion (thank you for your response!), but I won't reinstall Teams from scratch unless I absolutely have to. I can't just re-initialize 6 Teams accounts with my clients, which probably means I have to contact their admins to reset my Authenticator account. What Microsoft obviously does not understand is that there are people out there who unfortunately have to work with this software. So providing beta software is not very clever. I will not touch my running system and thus stick to the old teams (especially as the new one doesn't really improve the meeting experience). The only thing that's annoying is that Teams intrusively keeps promoting the new version and even switched to it once automatically. 

I did as suggested and it resolved the problem.  The result wasn't that I was asked to authenticate via the mobile phone app, rather it respected my PCs existing browser authentication.