New Teams app in Windows 11 not connecting to Teams accounts

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Hi, I hope someone can help me with this.

I upgraded my Surface to Windows 11 last week but the new Teams app for Windows 11 will only connect to my personal teams account.  The one I use with my work colleagues does not show, nor does a third one that was set up to communicate with a 3rd party auditor.

The account my work uses is a free account not M365.

I sign in to my Surface with a Microsoft Account and sign in to the teams app with the same account.

If I sign in to my same Microsoft Account using my Android App or a web browser I can connect to Teams online and all 3 teams accounts are available in both environments.  It is only the Windows 11 Teams app that won't work.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, signing in and out but no joy.  does anyone have any ideas?

thanks in advance



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Hi Christian,
Bingo, that did the trick. The link to download Teams for Work/School Account was what was needed. I didn't choose that before as it's not technically a work/school account, it's my personal one, but I guess you need this to connect to other Teams accounts.
It did need a reboot to work properly, but I'm now connected, so thank you very much for your help, really appreciated. I've had 2 weeks going forward and backward with Microsoft Support until they gave up and said as it's a free Teams I'm connecting to I need to come via the community forums. then with 10 minutes you've fixed it. Brilliant!
thanks again
My pleasure, thanks for the feedback.