New-Team: wrong user is displayed in the Team's site "Latest activity"

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Hi All,


Please consider this scenario:

* You create a new Team via Poweshell with New-Team using a service account;

* You make yourself an Owner of this Team with Add-TeamUser -Role "Owner";

* You browse the newly created Sharepoint site linked to your Team;

* On the site's home page you scroll a bit down to the "Activity" section, and you see a totally different user listed over there. No, it's not that service account that we used to run the cmdlets, it's a user that has absolutely nothing to do with your newly created Team. This is just a regular user in your organization, and his name is listed there with a message "Username created a site about a minute ago".


Can anyone please explain this behavior? How and why is this possible?

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It seems to be a bug in Teams cmdlets. Adding @Anne Michels to the conversation


Thanks for flagging. We're looking into it.