New recommendation: To be able to search within a particular Team/channel/chat (personal/group) etc.

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Hi Team,


I would like to recommend a new functionality for MS Teams app. The recommendation is to include a search option which can either be at Teams level, channel, personal chats, group chats.


Even though there is an option at the global level in the left panel but it would be really time saving and much more efficient to have search icon available within the particular Teams or chats so that its becomes fast and easy to search for anything specific.




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Yeah. I find it a bit handy but Ctrl +F doesn't work on meeting chats and especially on meeting notes. :(

@tithitee It does work on meeting chats, if you open them from chat.


As we know meeting notes are all about to change as the new Fluid Components start appearing, hopefully this will allow lots of much need functionality.