New outlook meeting with Teams meeting id from another teams meeting

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Hey Teams - experts,

I want to create an own personal Outlook meeting which should be a Teams meeting with a meeting ID from another Teams meeting.

Therefore in Outlook calendar I'd like to have the button "Join teams meeting":


But when I only copy&paste the original Teams meeting text to the new meeting as described in this thread
unfortunately I don't get the Join Teams button:


This is also needed to be able to directly join Teams meeting in calendar page in Teams. Or e.g. to get a reminder in task bar (tray) when other participants already joined the meeting and I can simpy click "join".

What do I need to do to convert a default meeting to a full Teams-meeting?

When I create at the beginning a Teams meeting and copy&paste the text from the other Teams meeting unfortunately the ID won't change. Yes, the text inside the new meeting changed and also the hyperlinks, but the mentioned button doesn't recognize the change.

How can I do that?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi @JackyRyan 


I would recommend trying this. Schedule the Meeting from Outlook. Delete the information populated by Outlook with the Teams Meeting Information and then paste the Old Meeting details with the Hyperlink of Join Meeting. 

Let me know in case you need any additional information and assistance. 


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Satish Upadhyaya

Hi @RealTime_M365 ,


you mean to schedule a "Teams-meeting" in Outlook and replace the existing meeting text with the other text and links?

As already written I tried this. Of course the text in the meeting (and its links) will change.

But right-clicking in calendar "Join teams meeting" will open the wrong meeting in teams, it doesn't really change the meeting ID. Same when trying to join the meeting directly in Teams calendar. It actually doesn't change any Meeting ID!


What would you propose to really change and affect the meeting ID?





As a workaround, is there a possibility to create a direct Teams link, e.g. on my Windows Desktop?
As far as I know it's only possible to create a Weblink, which opens the browser and then continues to Teams. Is this possible without routing the browser? E.g. by command line arguments of teams exe?